Sunday, May 10, 2009

Argument against vegetarianism

I've been blogging about why I don't think a vegetarian lifestyle is the apt lifestyle. Because one does not often realize how we became what we are now. But I am not saying that a totally meaty diet is the apt lifestyle either. I say that a balanced diet is the best. :)

Check out this post. Beware it is a long post, but I'd say, you'd find it interesting.


  1. I think as a reader..I arrived at the same conclusion as before I read the blog.

  2. normally when ppl say tht they usually provide their source, you know, from where they got the info. :)

    If you can plz feel free to post it out here...

  3. @tinchu: coming to think of it. You could have actually saved my time if you'd posted about this before :)

  4. hmmm ... what about the MORAL argument for vegetarianism? Your post seems entirely focused on whether or not vegetarianism is "natural", but I don't think that's the issue for most vegetarians.

    That something is natural doesn't indicate whether it's necessary or good. For those of us lucky enough to live in a developed nation, meat isn't nutritionally necessary. The millions of vegetarians who live happy, healthful lives are proof of that.

    Farm animals suffer greatly in the process of becoming food. They have terrible lives in factory farms, and they often suffer in the course of slaughter.

    Since meat is not nutritionally necessary and farm animals suffer terribly in the process of becoming meat, what reason do (citizens of the developed nations) have to eat it? The fact that it tastes good? Not much of an argument.

  5. i had no intension of getting into moral/ethical topics concerning the subject. I'm aware f such sentiments. I'd even agree tht most ppl don't require meat. I'm aware f diseases caused by consumption of meat 2. If u r against the assertion tht a balanced diet is a must, well i imagine tht ur idea f 'most ppl' r limited 2 most ppl in developed countries - the avg bussiness man, the taxi driver, etc. Think abt ppl in alaska, or in the saharas. U cn make a balanced diet out of eating vegetables only. But the odds f finding such ppl in alaska/sahara r less. I hope u knw the proper meaning f a balanced diet frm here.

  6. If by a "balanced" diet you mean a healthful one, then I agree that a balanced diet is necessary. And your point about people living in Alaska/the Sahara is well taken, but I don't see how that example justifies eating meat in most parts of the developed world.

    It looks like you live in Tiruchirapalli. I've never been there or anywhere in India for that matter. Perhaps there is very little food available and people have to eat meat to get the minimum amount of calories they need. If that's the case, it would be cruel and absurd to ask you to be vegetarian. But if there are enough vegetarian foods available in Tiruchirapalli, I hope you'll consider cutting the meat out of your diet.