Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The surreal status update

The most strangest thing happened.

I had visitors. They kept on asking me if I knew them or not. And finally they said that we are related! All of a sudden, a funny feeling like, I have known them before, comes up. This usually happens when people say that they are related, in front of people I know; like my parents or close family. So either, I pretend that I know them, or, I am usually encompassed by that strange feeling of being acquainted earlier.

But the fact is, I get this a lot; especially when meeting distant relatives. That brief episode left me in a state of mild embarrassment. These were people close to me, yet I couldn't place them! However, I wasn't so bogged about it. In fact, I was so determined to "share" this experience via a facebook status update. I began thinking what to write. Perhaps I should say something like "...Must update database; can't place my own family relatives. Now searching for the photo album..."

I really liked the stuff I quipped up for the status update. To me it seemed witty, and humourous. Hence I was determined to post it right away. But I wasn't near a computer; and my phone was out of reach too. And as I made a start for it, I quickly seemed to take note of the environment I was "actually" in: the room was dark except for the light coming from the window. I was staring at the ceiling fan, lying on the floor, only to realize I had been dreaming while asleep.

I might have sighed, or, I did not. Its hard to say: I was relieved all of that was a dream. I was equally ashamed of the fact that I was about to update my facebook status, in the same dream.