Friday, January 8, 2010

Why he fainted...

Firstly I would like to openly congratulate my friend and colleague, thalaivar, R.Karthikeyan and his wife; his wife just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week.

Now here is a small drama I am writing to probe my writing skills. The main character (or protagonist) in this story is real. Though the whole story ain't true, parts of it are actually fact. So here goes:
Prelude: 8.30 am. Our Hero is hurridely going to the hospital...

Scene 1: Trichy. Hospital. 9.05 am. Nurse's station. R.k is roaming about tensed. Nurse enter's the scene and occupies the desk.

R.K: Is the baby out yet?
Nurse: No.

The poor nurse began to recall how his wife was struggling earlier with the contractions two minutes apart and all. The nurse looked at R.k.

Nurse: Is this her first child?
R.K: NO this is her HUSBAND!

The hospital Mother enters the scene. She was on her daily rounds. Today she just happens to pass the maternity ward where R.K was roaming about impatiently.

R.K looked up through the window nearby into the heavens.

R.K: Lord. Please I hope you can launch the baby soon.

The holy Mother stops in front of him.

Mother: The Lord aint like you my son who has launched 35 RBI outbound campaings...

On listening to his our hero's face looks perplexed (confused). The holy Mother exits the scene.

Scene 2. The same hospital scene. 9.30 am. Nurse's desk.

There was a cry of a new born infant from outside the scene. The nurse enter's the scene with the new born in hand who is crying. There is a little, just a little, excitement on our hero's face. But he is still tensed. He walks towards the nurse to hold his first child.

Nurse: This one is a healthy baby boy. 3.5 kgs!!!

A loud crash. Our hero falls unconscious. All the othe nurses enter the scene to make our hero stand up right. And finally he sits on a chair with his apparent unconsciousness clearing. The nurse who held our hero's son shifted the child a bit to hold him tight.

Nurse: What happened? Why did you faint?
R.K: I thought...I thought, the child weighed 35 kgs. He weighs more than me. I didn't know how to carry...

And thats the end of the scene. We all hope our hero can feed his son properly, and hopefully himself too.


Got this while searching for some pregnancy jokes. Disclaimer: by publishing this here I do not want to disgrace pregnant women, or women expecting to get pregnant, or the whole phenomenon of pregnancy.

Just thought this joke was too good.

A lady from a foreign country who could not understand much English wasn't feeling well and went to see her doctor. After examining her he said, "You are pregnant. Please understand that you have an insufficient passage and if you have a baby it will be a miracle."

The lady rushed home crying and told her husband, "The doctor says I'm pregnant and I have a fish in the passage and if I have a baby it will be a mackerel!"

Ps: more related jokes if you google or click the title of this post...

Monday, January 4, 2010

3 idiots is awesome

Went to watch 3 idiots yesterday. The movie aptly captures the frustration of the Indian Education system from all angles. It also teaches us to follow something very importantly - your heart. Be what you wanna be. Even though you've come this far, its never 2 late 2 change...if you want to change...

How we decided to go for the movie was more fun. Couldn't get any matinee or post-matinee show tickets. They were all reserved 4 sun. But then thats how life goes in chennai. But there was a 7.30 am show on Sathyam.

At 1st we were kind of thinking...dude...7.30 am?!...and then we had our hands on the head. Then we heard good reviews and finally or no breakfast; 7.30 am...3 idiots it is...

I booked for 5 idiots. (Me inclusive). Even I wasn't that crazy about the fact that I was going for the movie until Jerry told Suresh Rao (team manager - development) that we were actually going for the 7.30 am show. Suresh had his right hand to his forehead at the very mention. It was not that I had imagined how he would have made through the Sathyam gates with his wife and daughter, shouting, honey, baago, hum late ho gayae; that too at 7.30 am on a sun morn...we made him think it was so crazy that we actually enjoyed the apparent Schadenfreude – we enjoyed his feeling of disappointment. Guess it made us feel youthful.

Ah, the times are always still young! :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

Twitter turnkey turkey

The ads which appear on facebook towards the right side are cool; they luk neat. But sometimes it does inspire you to think of some really weird and crazy for e.g. this is how I misread the following ad.

This ad was about some Twitter Turnkey Scripts...think its some customizable scripts which enhance your twitter experience. (But I don't think its free though). Never really bothered to look what the product was at the time...I misread turnkey as turkey and started thinking:

What? Turkey twitter scripts?!!! Is twitter going to change its logo soon from the twitter bird to a turkey?

Hmm, then this must be their plans for next year thanks giving probably...

When I read it again, found out my error, I was psyched. But twitter changing it logo to a turkey seemed to hit my sense of humour. But the twitter turkey ain't all that a new idea. If you google for it you'd probably find this:

There are probably a lot of ideas you can get looking at ads sometimes. There is another one I haven't given that much publicity earlier though. The final result of this ad was a mock song. The ad which initiated it was none other than Google Chrome. Lets say these are times of several browser wars, and what do people do admist these wars...browse a very popular four-letter-word which their parents might even now probably cringe to hear...

The song which I mocked actually comes in the movie City Of Angels (Meg Ryan, Nicholas Cage); sung by - Sarah McLachlan (an extra-ordinary woman). The original song is titled "angel", and its a lovely song - don't mean to pun it though by all means. I've titled my song as "as the page loads in ur browser"...wanted to do a solo video of this song. Truly thought this would be a stunt which would celebrate the spirit of life. But then as I shot the video I thought I looked stupid, and dropped the idea altogether. But I think the song is really funny; I've posted it on my google notebook.

So enjoy the song, and happy new year you all...