Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Function pointers and delegates, arrgh

Those who have gone through a priliminary c/c++ course might find this concept in most of the modern programming languages painful to understand. However, I believe you'd appreciate it better if you understood the scenario where this idea plays well. And thats what I think I've done in this post.

Oh, its actually about delegates (in the .net programming framework). The idea was to actually make one understand why use delegates even though they are essentially function pointers? Happy reading.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Are you hungry?

Today I was researching hunger. I was not actually feeling hungry at the time! I was attempting to complete the post for my blog on evolution. The topic I am really dealing with is drug addiction. But its strange! How did I go from that to hunger?

Drug addiction is kind of a very complicated subject to explain. Hunger does not actually fit in, but I thought of taking hunger as an example and then progressing with the article. But then I concluded it is not hunger. I should actually be talking of reward.

But hunger is an interesting subject to think about. The lack of hunger leads to a condition called anorexia. There are a hell lot problems related with hunger. But I am still trying to understand why we feel hungry.

Well, thats food for though ;)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The 2nd post

There is a post I am trying to finish. But it won't be listed on the space I've created for it; instead I've decided to relegate that post to my geocities website, which btw needs renovation. It deals with intoxication. But I was only interested in the evolutionary aspect of it. I was so pulled into this theory of rewards that I had decided to blog about it. I felt like I didn't do justice for the 1st blog, so I decided I write another one. It turned out to be em, slightly huge. I guess out on my website it won't look too bad. Or even if it looks bad it is because the website looks bad. But the article I believe is good. ;P

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The 1st post

I am a blog maniac. The reason being I think a lot. You can criticize me for that but thank the lord that I don't think aloud.

I think about different subjects, at different times; sometimes in different languages (computer programming inclusive). But I blog in English only. I don't actually make appointments to think. These thoughts just happen randomly. I guess you can charge me guilty of a curiosity syndrome.

Well I do have a lot of blogs apart from this. And I thought I needed another one to somehow link all the other blogs through this one. If I have counted properly I have around 8 blogs (2 defunct). Each of these blogs are deal with a different area of my interest. Sometimes its programming. Sometimes its free software. Sometimes its evolution, etc. Sometimes its something totally different. However the main idea is not linking, but rather blogging what is occupying my mind currently. So this is somewhere I can blog just about 'anything'.

Anything? Eh, well it depends on whether my motivation calls for it. (At this point there are a lot of disturbing topics in my mind, but I don't know yet how open my readers are; else I would have posted about those too).

Right now it is actually a mix of things occupying my mind. My boss complains about not being there on shift timings. I guess he is annoyed, but he is actively trying to placate this issue. He has warned me that I must apply for half day leave if I am 1+ hr late. I, on the other hand, don't mind getting a few LOPs (Loss of pay). This year I am trying to save tax on my income.

Jokes apart my boss does have a valid reason for allotting me the current slot (1.30 AM - 10.30AM). He says I should be there in case an issue arises. There are only two people handling the shift when the 1st shift ppl are relieved. It will be too much pressure for the 2nd shift ppl. This is what a manager would do. No offence. But its not just me and my boss. Our team is adequately staffed. They had tried to get an extra head into the department, but its seems the management resents it. We don't do any work, they say. But there is still yet another side, but I am stopping here.

Another thing I am trying to get over, is applying the singleton design pattern in asp.net. Well, you need to know about design patterns, and, asp.net for that. While I was trying to research this I also wanted to know how the asp.net engine assigns a session object to a request. Somehow I feel if I do find the link then it would be easy to implement the singleton pattern. As of present, if you are novice, and you are trying to implement this pattern, I stop you and say, yo this is web programming, not windows forms...