Sunday, September 29, 2013

life of pi

Weirdest dream ever!

Standing at the back of my house looking to the direction of the beach (you can't actually see the beach), I noticed the clouds above looked pretty gray. There was enough daylight to make the whole scene look gloomy.

All of a sudden a sprout of water in the air. It wasn't a continuous stream; it was as if someone tossed a huge glass of water into the air. And it was at a great distance. It was not a tsunami either.

Then all I can remember is ending up in the middle of a vast ocean, all alone. There was no tiger. I deduced this fact since I wasn't actually floating on a boat. I really don't know what I was floating on...

And then I woke up from my sleep. The movie Life of Pi was better a movie; its frightening to imagine how it would be in real life - stuck in a calm sea with nothing around you but a vast horizon on all sides. I actually woke up to this part - sensing the vast horizon.

Imagine this. Wee hours in the morning and you wake up from a semi Life of Pi like dream, except if that was made into a movie or even a book it would not sell. Then you relate to the movie. The beautiful calm ocean on which you can see your own reflection. The vast horizon at twilight. The carnivorous island. The whale. The fluorescent algae you get to see at night...

I thought to myself least you could have dreamt of the fluorescent algae...

...and dozed off!