Thursday, January 15, 2009

There are no facts

There are no facts, only interpretations - Friedrich Nietzsche

I have never done a biography on this guy, but this statement amuses me. This quote is starkingly true and I wonder what made Nietzsche to think about it.

There was a time I was pondering how to make sense of it, and I took the analogy of a rock:

A rock is for fact, not a rock. We really don't know what "it" is...however we
still have to call it something. And hence we stuck to the name "rock".

I am suggesting we could have called a rock anything we wanted to, but it still wouldn't be that for fact. ;)


  1. Matter of fact things do change.places move from one part of earth to another.Rock does not remain as rock for ever it changes to sand.What will u call the rock then by its name rock or give a new name sand ?????

    Anything will not called as samething at everytime.

  2. hey, u don't even know that "sand" is supposed to be called "sand". :)