Tuesday, April 7, 2009


You know I kind of want to make this post really long, but I feel too lazy to type. So instead I'll dive right through it.

I never really understood the actual cause of this recession. I wanted to visualize the economic drama that lead to the current situation. But behold! I haven't analyzed facts on a deep scale. I asked my self whats are the two things that you'd blame for the occurrence of this recession - I thought over production & outsourcing. It turns out that you simply can't say that's it! There is oil prices, food grains, etc all coming into the picture. I did refer a couple of sites for that:
  • http://useconomy.about.com/od/grossdomesticproduct/a/cause_recession.htm - Causes of economic recession
  • www.pennyjobs.com/pp/public/Articles.aspx?aid=156 - Article about recession & outsourcing. (You can't scapegoat outsourcing as a root cause).
The first visualization I got however was a forwarded email I got. Its still in my inbox; those who want it can privately message me.

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