Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yet another indian railway passenger reservation enquiry site...

This sounds "usual". There are probably many sites out there which do the same thing...hence no surprise. However I couldn't find one that was designed for mobile phones; so I went and built one!

And it ain't all that great. In fact it shares a very simple relationship with the actual site. When the actual site is down, my application might be down too :(

Sure as glad that I didn't get the opportunity to go ahead and design the actual Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry site. Else for every "network connectivity failure" I don't know from which direction I might get incoming...

This application will not run on all mobile browsers. It should work on those phone browsers that has some special capabilities . But I am thinking of extending support to those unprivileged phones.

The url to the application is:

Clicking on the title of this post should directly take you there directly. (Yes, it will run in your ordinary browser, but I'll warn you it won't look all that good). I'll pray it looks good on your phone though. I encourage comments if you've got ideas to make it look better.

I enjoyed the exercise though. It did fascinate me to think like a mobile web developer for a while

In order to prevent spam I've decided to moderate comments. Commenting won't be the same...but this shouldn't discourage you in anyway I hope. Please do comment till your hearts content! Just don't spam. I hate to say this, but Google isn't the only thing the Chinese annoy these days. :) (Wasn't sounding racial there). Take care.

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