Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Trip to Hill Top

I did my 9th & 10th std frm hill top public school, puthiyara, calicut. V were on our way bck 2day frm our classmate jamshad's marriage; en route to my plc, i suddenly thot, 'hey y don't give our school a visit?'
V went up the small 'hill' tht leads 2 t school's entrance. Found tht ther ws no lock on t gates. Opened it, took our car inside. Got out of t car n headed straight to t basket ball court.
At t bck f our head v knew all f this ws illegal n v cud hve gt sacked big time fr this...but tis ws a common activity v used to do while v were doing school ther - barge in2 t school on sundays!!!
All v evr wanted 2 do ws taken some pics w/ t cam, visit n then leave.
V were just getting started w/ our photo session vn t security guard appeared. V politely told him hu v were n wht we intended to do. He ws adamnt. Told us v r nt supposed to do such things her. After several retries v thot it ws best v let him do his job.
V had already taken sum photos. Aftr he told us nt to v bluntly said 'oh no v hve 2 delete those photos immediately'.
V decided v close the gates b4 we went down. So 1 of my frnds went to the gate. We kinda started t car, n approached him.
Our frnd started yelling at us...'don't u knw 2 day is sunday, n no 1 is supposed to take photos here. DELETE ALL THOSE PHOTOS I SAY'. Don't knw wht t guard felt. Mayb t nxt time v c him v'll send him a sorry card, probably even a bottle f rum.
Altho v knw its illegal, if he hadn't shown up, v wud hve had an awesome nostalgic evening.

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