Thursday, October 28, 2010

The bar stupefaction

I’ve been in and out of bars several times before with friends. However don’t mistake me for an alcoholic. I don’t frequent to bars that much. And frankly people won’t ask me to booze because, well, lets face it, I look like someone who gets stoned easily. And if that happens that’s half their fun-time wasted on me!

But one fine evening an old school friend who had been to Chennai suddenly asks me over the phone:
dude where is a good bar in town?
The feeling was like googling. You typed in a query and got entries. This is analogous to the fact that I have visited several public bars before. But the search results I’d clicked on led me to only blank pages – this is analogous to me, after all these years in Chennai, and having been in and out of bars, didn’t know where to find one!

Well, this was a bit embarrassing. Not knowing how to find a bar, but acknowledging the fact that I’ve been to many bars, the best thing that hit my mind was: to call a friend who took me to a bar for the first time.

I don’t mean to purposefully allude to this but the ‘first-time at anything’ can be useful to get you through very peculiar situations sometimes.

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