Wednesday, May 15, 2013

so whats in a name...?

So everyone used to ask why the name deostroll? What does it mean?

Frankly it doesn't mean anything per se.

It was back in the second half of the year of 1998, while I was doing my schooling (9th Std) in Hill Top Public School. The movie Titanic was popular then. For some boys Jack Dawson was a character they wanted to be more like...and hence the craze of maintaining long hair ensued. God knows how business fared for the barber shops back then; but I was a pseudo Jack Dawson back at the time. 

My hair was pretty unmanageable to maintain, and more difficult to keep it well kempt. Leonardo Di Caprio's hair was blond; yet it was always smooth. So I had to improvise...

I found a spray can at home I could refill. Filled water into it and took it to school. Whenever head felt dry enough took it our of the bag, and did the required business. And then the whole back benchers I sat with joined the lingo; not that everyone had long hair, but the spraying was fun.

That was also a time I had created my first email id. Was doing a small MS Office course over at NIIT in calicut. The instructor was teaching us how to create one. And when he kind of stressed on the fact that the username should be unique, I kind of pondered for a while. A funny guy like me, who used to walk around with a spray can (much like a deodrant can) to maintain my hairstyle - deostroll!

And thus the name.

So even after 13 years, why did this silly name stick?!

I don't attach so much of significance to what the name means...that time is what I attach significance to...because those were the best days of my life. I can't begin to describe the crazy things we did in our school but I can safely publish the fact that we busted an amplifier system which some famous personality had donated for school assembly use. God how we stood for assembly that day! :)

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  1. ha ha ha.. finally the story is out! it's funny but this is similar to why I stick to "godavar", although with much more recent beginnings... "best days of my life" :)