Monday, May 4, 2009

Grown up or overconfident

I've got an exam today – principles of management. Well, I've completely mismanaged to study it! I was too dug up with other things in spite of planning. I guess I never took it as a priority. I kept promising my self I'd study, but instead I got hooked up with some new discovery over the internet or with my pc. When I sit to study I cannot concentrate.

Okay, now with the above phenomenon running in parallel, and, as the zero hour approaches, I usually get irritated. Once (during college exams) this went to the degree that I actually decided not to write a paper.  Those days people, whether they prepared for the exam or not, simply sat and wrote the paper. I guess if they didn't do that they'd be under the stress of writing it again, and stuff. (A majority of the people I know had backlogs). Even otherwise, the thought of bunking an exam would have been suicidal for some. But for me it was a small relief!

Today I am not under any compulsion or stress. I can bunk the exam if I want to or not. I have decided to write it, in spite of the fact that, I still have 6 chapters pending. Coz I have faith – I attempted two online assignments and passed both of them!

This doesn't solve the moral issue here, but who cares!!!

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