Friday, January 1, 2010

Twitter turnkey turkey

The ads which appear on facebook towards the right side are cool; they luk neat. But sometimes it does inspire you to think of some really weird and crazy for e.g. this is how I misread the following ad.

This ad was about some Twitter Turnkey Scripts...think its some customizable scripts which enhance your twitter experience. (But I don't think its free though). Never really bothered to look what the product was at the time...I misread turnkey as turkey and started thinking:

What? Turkey twitter scripts?!!! Is twitter going to change its logo soon from the twitter bird to a turkey?

Hmm, then this must be their plans for next year thanks giving probably...

When I read it again, found out my error, I was psyched. But twitter changing it logo to a turkey seemed to hit my sense of humour. But the twitter turkey ain't all that a new idea. If you google for it you'd probably find this:

There are probably a lot of ideas you can get looking at ads sometimes. There is another one I haven't given that much publicity earlier though. The final result of this ad was a mock song. The ad which initiated it was none other than Google Chrome. Lets say these are times of several browser wars, and what do people do admist these wars...browse a very popular four-letter-word which their parents might even now probably cringe to hear...

The song which I mocked actually comes in the movie City Of Angels (Meg Ryan, Nicholas Cage); sung by - Sarah McLachlan (an extra-ordinary woman). The original song is titled "angel", and its a lovely song - don't mean to pun it though by all means. I've titled my song as "as the page loads in ur browser"...wanted to do a solo video of this song. Truly thought this would be a stunt which would celebrate the spirit of life. But then as I shot the video I thought I looked stupid, and dropped the idea altogether. But I think the song is really funny; I've posted it on my google notebook.

So enjoy the song, and happy new year you all...

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