Monday, January 4, 2010

3 idiots is awesome

Went to watch 3 idiots yesterday. The movie aptly captures the frustration of the Indian Education system from all angles. It also teaches us to follow something very importantly - your heart. Be what you wanna be. Even though you've come this far, its never 2 late 2 change...if you want to change...

How we decided to go for the movie was more fun. Couldn't get any matinee or post-matinee show tickets. They were all reserved 4 sun. But then thats how life goes in chennai. But there was a 7.30 am show on Sathyam.

At 1st we were kind of thinking...dude...7.30 am?!...and then we had our hands on the head. Then we heard good reviews and finally or no breakfast; 7.30 am...3 idiots it is...

I booked for 5 idiots. (Me inclusive). Even I wasn't that crazy about the fact that I was going for the movie until Jerry told Suresh Rao (team manager - development) that we were actually going for the 7.30 am show. Suresh had his right hand to his forehead at the very mention. It was not that I had imagined how he would have made through the Sathyam gates with his wife and daughter, shouting, honey, baago, hum late ho gayae; that too at 7.30 am on a sun morn...we made him think it was so crazy that we actually enjoyed the apparent Schadenfreude – we enjoyed his feeling of disappointment. Guess it made us feel youthful.

Ah, the times are always still young! :D

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  1. U bet it was fun. Even if there were a 5am show for that movie I would b game for it, provided I wake up in time that is.