Friday, January 8, 2010

Why he fainted...

Firstly I would like to openly congratulate my friend and colleague, thalaivar, R.Karthikeyan and his wife; his wife just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week.

Now here is a small drama I am writing to probe my writing skills. The main character (or protagonist) in this story is real. Though the whole story ain't true, parts of it are actually fact. So here goes:
Prelude: 8.30 am. Our Hero is hurridely going to the hospital...

Scene 1: Trichy. Hospital. 9.05 am. Nurse's station. R.k is roaming about tensed. Nurse enter's the scene and occupies the desk.

R.K: Is the baby out yet?
Nurse: No.

The poor nurse began to recall how his wife was struggling earlier with the contractions two minutes apart and all. The nurse looked at R.k.

Nurse: Is this her first child?
R.K: NO this is her HUSBAND!

The hospital Mother enters the scene. She was on her daily rounds. Today she just happens to pass the maternity ward where R.K was roaming about impatiently.

R.K looked up through the window nearby into the heavens.

R.K: Lord. Please I hope you can launch the baby soon.

The holy Mother stops in front of him.

Mother: The Lord aint like you my son who has launched 35 RBI outbound campaings...

On listening to his our hero's face looks perplexed (confused). The holy Mother exits the scene.

Scene 2. The same hospital scene. 9.30 am. Nurse's desk.

There was a cry of a new born infant from outside the scene. The nurse enter's the scene with the new born in hand who is crying. There is a little, just a little, excitement on our hero's face. But he is still tensed. He walks towards the nurse to hold his first child.

Nurse: This one is a healthy baby boy. 3.5 kgs!!!

A loud crash. Our hero falls unconscious. All the othe nurses enter the scene to make our hero stand up right. And finally he sits on a chair with his apparent unconsciousness clearing. The nurse who held our hero's son shifted the child a bit to hold him tight.

Nurse: What happened? Why did you faint?
R.K: I thought...I thought, the child weighed 35 kgs. He weighs more than me. I didn't know how to carry...

And thats the end of the scene. We all hope our hero can feed his son properly, and hopefully himself too.


  1. I was wondering why he fainted. Arun thanks for throwing light on it. I wish him all the best to out grow his son in weight. RK don't show food to ur baby but feed him.

  2. Applause! A Good Show Arun...

    Congratulations R.K :)

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  4. may be he might have expected the baby to be 0.35 kgs instead of 3.5 kgs..... big suprise....

  5. Hope atleast his son eats properly. (Should not be like R.K or his wife)